Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I have a confession. Don't hold your breathe. Nothing dramatic. Just that, I've never been the type to measure any of my ingredients for cooking, unless its a cake. When I do use recipes, its more as a guide. 

Anyway, the first lasagna I made was from Jamie Oliver's, Jamie's dinners cookbook. The lasagna was incredible!! Everyone loved it. That was almost 1 year ago. I felt like lasagna the other day and keeping up with the healthy theme, decided to pack as much vegies into the lasagna as possible as Mr Hippo is a carnivore and doesn't eat as much veggie as I'd like him to. 

Below is a photo guide (not everythings pictured). 

First brown the garlic and onion followed by the beef. Then add 2 jars of passata, rosemary, parsley and some stock/water. Throw in whatever vegies you have lying around. I used mushroom, brocolli and carrot. Season. I think lasagna is a great way to get rid of unused vegetables. 
 Also I loved how Jamie uses roasted pumpkin in his lasagna. It made the whole lasagna taste even more amazing!

After simmering the beef for around 1-2hours we can begin layering in the following order - beef -->fresh lasagna sheet-->beef -->zucchini-->eggplant-->spinach-->beef -->lasagna sheet-->pumpkin-->beef--etc until we reach the final sheet of lasagna. 

Add the remainder of the beef mix and top with the bechamel sauce. For the bechamel sauce I followed Jamie's recipe of creme fraiche thinned with some milk, pepper and parmesan. Finally add some cheese.  

Bake in a preheated oven at 220degrees for 40 - 45minutes. 
Yummmm!!!!! XD

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