Friday, October 12, 2012

Alaysa - Brunswick, Middle Eastern/ Bakery.
Loved the freshly baked bread and dips~!
 Homemade parppadelle and salad for dinner
 Breakfast Omelette
 Made some homemade kale chips in salted plain and chilli flavours
 More lebanese food from my recent trip to Sydney

Monday, July 9, 2012

I ate my first whole, baked cheese in a french restaurant in Guangzhou last year and after seeing something similar on Masterchef, decided to try and recreate it for Mr HHM's lunch . It was quick and simple and I'll definitely be making more of this!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

BLACK by Ezard
I love bread! Especially complimentary bread served at restaurants. It's always one of the highlights of my meal and Black didn't disappoint. 
We were given a soft, warm and buttery brioche to share between 3 and lucky for me, both my dining companions weren't huge fans of the brioche so...more for me XD
Roasted duck breast, braised and crispy kale, confit leg 
cannelloni, foie gras sauce. The duck was perfect!
Poached Hapuka, calamari, chorizo, celery, onion sago.  I've never had sago in a savoury dish before but it was really good. As much as I loved my duck, I actually suffered from a small bout of dish envy because of the Hapuka. 

Corn fed chicken with parmesan custard, broccoli angelotti and roasted jus
Crispy potato with crème fraiche, smoked bacon, aged cheddar. This is seriously addictive. We were fighting over the little small pieces of bacon and crispy potato left on the plate. 
 L:Mac and cheese. This was the disappointment of the evening. The mac was quite bland and it didn't taste very cheesy.
R: Cos, chorizo, piquillo pepper, heirloom carrot. Really light and refreshing salad. 
Lemon meringue tart. The lemon tart had a nice tang to it without being too sweet. The 6 mini meringues were very soft and marshmallowish and they were shared perfectly between 3. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Guangzhou - Part 2, Finding an apartment in Guangzhou
We were given two weeks to familiarize ourselves with Guangzhou as well as find an apartment. Our initial two weeks were spent at Vili International Apartment, No. 167 Linhe West Road. Below are photos from one of our favourite restaurants in the area. It's family run and located on the main road opposite the train station. 

We ordered the fish head everytime and each time it sent us into tears and sweat!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Guangzhou - Part 1, Jusco
Supermarkets in China are HUGE!! I loved wondering around them and picking up odd pieces here and there.
Few shots of Jusco (supermarket chain) selling your normal supermarket products as well as a variety of sushi, hot foods including skewers, various flavours of bbq chicken, duck and goose. Various hot dumplings, rice, noodles etc. Most supermarkets also have a live seafood section where you scoop your own fish and ask the fish monger to weigh and clean it for you.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Penny Farthing - High st, Northcote
One of the things I love about Melbourne, are the cafes with their mismatched furniture and changing daily menu's depending on produce (Kinsfolk located outside Southern Cross station is my favourite so far). You can find plenty of these cafes everywhere in Melbourne but a friend suggested I would love Northcote with all their vintage shops and bohemian vibe. 
We met up for lunch at Penny Farthing's and I will always remember this cafe as the place I finally fell in love with french toast!
(L-R,T-B, French toast, African hot chocolate, Chai tea, Tofu scramble)
Penny Farthing - High St, Northcote

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What I've been eating for breakfast recently. Also, I've recently come back from working in China for nearly a year so will be posting up all the places we visited focusing on the food, scenery and what to watch out for!
(L-R,T-B, Omelette, loving flavoured water right now, homemade almond milk with dragonfruit and avocado smoothie, egg and cheese breakfast muffins)

New Home
I've moved everything over from my previous blog however couldn't transfer any comments across:(
Reason for moving was that Hungry hungry monster, makes more sense as my blog title because I'm ALWAYS hungry and I'm always thinking of what I'll be eating for my next meal and the  meals after!