Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hi !

This isn't my first blog but I do intend on sticking to this one. Thank you to the dear people who helped me come up with a name and anyone who knows me also know that I'm completely hopeless with technology so I will come up with a more interesting page layout later...just give me some time to figure things out.

Woke up to a typical Melbourne Day and couldn't find a single umbrella in the house! We drove to Brunswick St for lunch because I wanted to check out the shops with Mr Hippo and his sister. Cafe Nova appeared to be one of the more popular cafes on the street so in we went.

Very nice decor.

They also have an upstairs area.

Soy lattes

Pesto Spaghetti -Looks like a salad but there is plenty of pasta and rich pesto hidden underneath the mountain of  greens.

Steak with REALLY nice potatoes

Black Mussels, serving was much bigger than we imagined but I'm not complaining :p

Nachos, wouldn't recommend Nachos as the sauce was cold and tasted like something out of a jar.

We were eyeing the cheesecake the table next to us ordered the moment we sat down and the serving was huge! Unfortunately, even Mr Hippo couldn't stomach anymore. Waiters were really nice and friendly, food is your typical cafe food although the nachos was a big disappointment.

Took a few photos wandering around the area before going home to get ready for another session of boot camp! Also managed to pick up a grey cardigan and a weaved basket bag.

The following were my attempts to take a good photo whilst the car was still moving.

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Cafe Nova, 307 Brunswick St

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