Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Health kick

I've always been a fan of new foods and healthy eating. Hubby and I recently went on a yoga retreat to Billabong Yoga retreat, up in the Blue Mountains and I highly recommend it for those who want to relax and chill without having to travel too far (provided you're currently living in Sydney of course). Our daily schedule revolved around yoga, meditation, massages and healthy, organic, delicious vegetarian fare. 

It's given both of us the motivation to change our diets and be more conscious of what we're putting into our bodies. Hubby has now cut meat down to once a day only for either lunch or dinner and is quite happy eating vegies and other forms of protein as a replacement and I've been experimenting alot with baking healthier desserts (recipes to come in the next post). Below are some photos from our retreat which was so calming and blissful.

The cabins we stayed in during our retreat. 

One of the billabongs and massage rooms.

~ Julia

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